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Cute Pandaz is a generative collection of Pandas NFT with a variety of colorful backgrounds. Each Panda has up to 5 – 10 traits on itself and its own color palette, creating an individual appearance and character of the animal.

After the launch Cute Pandaz NFTs will become playable characters in our P2E game.

Road Map

The Journey of Cute Pandaz Club

Road Map

Note: Download Whitepaper for Detailed RoadMap

Initial Launch

Cute Pandaz Club NFTs Launch

May - 2022
Aug - 2022

Major Features

Launch Of P2E Game,
$CuteCP Token Launch &
Staking System Launch.


Metaverse Club & Metaverse 3D-Avatars Launch.
Nov - 2022
Dec - 2022

Let's Party

New-Year Eve Party: Exculsivly for Holders
Venue: Will be Selected by Community votes in Discord.
2 Legendary Pandaz Giveaway (Christmas Gift)

Breed Pandaz

Breeding System Launch


Feb - 2023
Apr - 2023


Charity donation to global causes (Community votes)

Mutant Pandaz

Mutant Pandaz Club Launch

May - 2023

Want More?

Let the Community Decide

Team Members

Our Amazing Team Members


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Creative director







Frontend Dev



Marketing Manager


Frequently Aksed Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions our team has received during the process of making this project, check out our responses below!


Cute Pandaz is more than an art project, it is a game! The Pandaz will be tied to a p2e game, which is in its early stages of development. The economic part will be built around the $CuteCP usability token, and the first stage with the farming part will become available after the main sale. Later you will be able to feed, care for and improve your panda. This will be the start of a long journey for Cute Pandaz Club.

There are Two Type of White List Spots:

1st: Pioneer Whitelist

Pioneer Whitelist Benefits: 

  • Can Mint 24 Hrs Earlier then Regular Whitelisted members.
  • Can Save 5 Matic.
  • Special User Role in Discord Server. 


2nd: Regular Whitelist

Join Discord to Get Your Whitelist Spot

Pioneer Whitelist Minting Price: 45 Matic + Gas Fee.
Regular Whitelist Minting Price: 50 Matic + Gas Fee.
Public Minting Price: 100 Matic + Gas Fee.
Mint date will be announced soon at our official social platforms (e.g: Twitter, Discord & Instagram)
Pre-Sale Miniting Limit is Currently set to 5 NFTs & Public Sale Limit is 20 NFTs Per Wallet.
Of course! Pandaz will be distributed according to the ERC-721 standard. You will be able to trade them on platforms like OpenSea.
Yes! The economic basis of the game - $CuteCP utility tokens. All pandaz holders will be able to receive it.
The game itself is in an early stage of development. After the main sale, the first stage of the game will be open in Q3-2022, we will add new features with updates: in-game store, breeding and much more! We want to provide you with a quality and profitable product, so we don’t want to rush and plan a long and confident development together with the community. Main game mechanics will be introduced in the Q3 of 2022.
Yes! Based on the feedback and discussions of our members in social networks and chats, we will adjust the development of the project, add new game mechanics and change the current ones.

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